Most Software Is Like A Fully Furnished Apartment

This week we moved one of our daughters into her fully furnished college apartment. It's a great space with all the amenities. Although the girls added their own personal touches, the apartment had all furniture and appliances provided. I think it's going to work out great for them and it reduced the hassle factor of moving in. But, there was a trade off because the furniture styles, colors, etc. were already established.

It occurs to me that this is analogous to business software.

Most of the time it is already configured with certain capabilities, structure, canned reporting, etc. And, most of the time, it's functional. However, virtually all the time, there is something that just doesn't quite work the way we want or need it to. We usually just accept these shortcomings and adapt to the system as best as possible. However, unlike the fully furnished apartment, this software trade off often results in significant Business Performance Leaks™ from inefficiencies, wasted time, redundancies and lack of timely and meaningful information for business decision-making purposes. 

Therefore, it is beneficial to make an assessment of business challenges, opportunities, requirements, etc. as they relate to current processes, systems, and information. From that assessment, those Business Performance Leaks™ can be individually identified and addressed. Often, there are modifications, process changes and/or other business applications that can be implemented to make a dramatic difference.


Josh Hannum