The Silver Bullet Formula For Results


That's it.

A simple as the formula is, it is full of nuances. Consider the examples below.

Example #1 (The Impatient Founder):

A very common example is having really big Goals (BHAG maybe bordering on fantasy) and starting out with Hard Work and Positivity. However, we lose Patience when results don't show up when and how we want which derails the success.

Example #2 (The Lazy Dreamer):

Another common form starts with big Goals combined with plenty of Patience and Positivity. However, there is a lack of Hard Work. In this case, we act as though success will just eventually show up one way or another.

Example #3 (The Cog In The Machine):

Let's say you are a loyal, hard working employee with a great attitude but with no real goals to speak of. In this case, you won't realize very big results because applying your strengths (Hard Work, Patience and Positivity) against a really small multiplier (i.e. Goals) won't produce much. The outcome will be automatically limited.

Bottom Line:

Results are the direct result of the implementation of Goals with Hard Work, Patience and Positivity. The strength and magnitude of each of those factors will determine how big the results are. 

It's all just math.


Josh Hannum