Untapped Resources...A Key To Improving Performance

Untapped resources are often the key to breaking free from business performance struggles. When growth is stagnant, margins are shrinking or customers are leaving there is often a kneejerk reaction to just work harder or make to make drastic changes in strategies/focus. Neither of those are necessarily wrong and might be entirely appropriate for the situation.

However, businesses often fail to simply take an objective and exhaustive inventory of their existing resources as an option for solving challenges. When they do, they will generally discover capabilities, physical assets and intellectual capital that they are not optimally utilizing. For example, a particular employee could have a connection with someone who is in a vital position with a prospective customer.  But she would be totally unaware of this if her employer didn't communicate who their prospects were. And, even if they had she might be unaware that her connection worked at the prospective company.

In this particular case, there is a key connection that is hidden and untapped. Communication as well as research and effort would be required to identify the connection in order to pursue the opportunity. And, here's an extremely important nuance...the internet (especially social media) makes that research and effort much easier and faster than even five years ago.

That's just one example of a myriad of others. 

In the end, there is just so much right in front of us to leverage for performance improvements. Start by simply blocking off a couple of hours to start thinking, looking around and brainstorming.

Josh Hannum